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C++ newbie's try to enjoy Envoy source code

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I want to share my try to understand Envoy source code as a pure newbie in C++, starting from "Hello World!"
After I was really impressed by the presentation "Lyft's Envoy: From Monolith to Service Mesh", I started learning C++ and reading Envoy source code.
Envoy includes so many functionalities to operate microservices and I think learning about it deeply is really a good thing in the long run.
Not only that, for most people, I feel that recent "infrustructure" and "SRE" thing is about building blocks using Iaas services and other managed services. I'm one of them and I think it's a right approach in most cases. But at the same time, I feel missing something.
And going dive into Envoy remindied me of excitement of learning new programinng language and understanding the system in source code level instead of using some black boxed service.
I'll talk about my motivation and my path for learning C++ in detail.

Benefits to the Ecosystem:

Service mesh and Envoy is already a tremendous trend and this trend would continue for a while. And as GKE supported Istio, it would become something more and more people can use easily if you understand the basic concept.
But as I write in the presentation description, I feel that just building blocks in architechting and creating systems miss something. Excitement and pleasure of actually building something? I don't know the proper word. But I feel so anyway.
If Envoy community aggressively provide something to support learning about Envoy internals, which even C++ newbie can understand and enjoy, I think that'll make some difference from many other open source projects. I hope my presentation triggeres something and I can contribute that kind of thing.


Envoyというソフトウェアの存在を知って、レベルの違いに度肝を抜かれたけど、レベルの違いに気づけるようになったんだというプラス思考 & 30代も後半にさしかかってきたけれど、自分もまだまだエンジニアの一線でやれる感覚はあるし、そういう世界のレベルに少しでも近づきたいなーと色々と試行錯誤中。